Changing Companies and Evolving Enterprises: 10

By Guy Routledge

  1. When it comes to starting one’s morning off with a bang, coffee is the default choice. Its popularity has never faltered and one would be mad to suggest it ever will, and this certainty fills the big players of the coffee with confidence. And Sucafina, a Genevan coffee trader, is expanding to Britain where it’ll take over the majority of Complete Coffee’s operations, a supplier for Costa Coffee. This should come as no surprise, since the Genevans have been strongly expanding recently, with new branches opened in China, Indonesia and India. It has also bolstered its North American team and, with its strong focus on sustainability, who’s to say it won’t continue its rapid expansion in the years to come? With Symaps, you can find out where the coffee addicts live by using the footfall feature to identify the places where the most people go to coffee shops regularly.
  2. Porto — home to one of the fastest growing tech communities in Europe and therefore the ideal home for anyone involved in this rapidly-growing domain. And that’s the view that Zühlke, a global innovation service provider, has taken, as it will establish a development site there at the start of this year, its third after those in Belgrade and Sofia. The company is already advertising jobs on its website as it looks to recruit from the wealth of talent there and, according to CEO Fabrizio Ferrandina, the opening is a statement of intent. Any company continuing to expand and develop during such unprecedented times has real confidence and belief, and Zühlke is no different. Using Symaps’ census feature, one can dig deeper and analyse the precise demographics of communities similar to this one.
  3. Having already established itself as one of the fastest growing fashion chains in Europe, LC Waikiki wants to be precisely that in Africa. It opened its flagship store in Uganda just before Christmas, and has expansion plans for other African countries — indeed, it plans to expand into the Congo, Ghana, Kenya, Zambia and South Africa by 2023. The key, according to the Turkish ambassador, is to ensure that people in Uganda have access to these Turkish products, regardless of what Covid-19 has planned next. This move follows on from several other Turkish companies who have made their presence known in Uganda since the Turkish President, Erdogan, visited the country in 2016. LC Waikiki currently boasts more than 1,000 shops worldwide, and one should expect this number to increase. Want to predict the future sales of a specific store before opening it, so you can make a more informed decision? Symaps can do just that, on both a national and international scale.

Symaps finds the best locations for businesses looking to expand and open up new retail outlets.

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