Changing Companies and Evolving Enterprises: 11

By Guy Routledge

  1. Nobody likes seeing food go to waste, and despite being repeatedly told to only take what they can eat, people still throw enormous quantities away. Too Good To Go is trying to change this. Having raised nearly 26 million euros from investors the company, whose app allows users to buy food for a cheap price that would otherwise go to waste and is used by over 30 million people, wants to expand in the USA, where it’s already present in New York and Boston. 40% of produced food in the USA is wasted, so the company has a mammoth task on its hands, but with such significant financial backing, it’ll be confident it can put this right. Want to know where there’s the highest concentration of cafes and restaurants where such food may go to waste? Symaps’ amenities feature can show you just that, and where your presence will be most beneficial.
  2. Everyone loves a tender steak, and no-one knows this better than Vion Food Group, which plans to take over an entire company with whom it already works, Adriaens. Vion plans to both expand regional supply chains and build new ones, which will be based upon both quality and transparency for clients. It will have a greater share of West European market activity with this move, and with Belgian cattle renowned for the quality of their beef, it looks to be a shrewd one. When it comes to building new supply chains, it’s imperative that you know why your current ones are succeeding or failing. Symaps can understand your network’s ‘success DNA’ so you can replicate it in your new ones.
  3. With Covid-19 in full swing, there’s a wide variety of food delivery service companies looking to make their mark, but none braver than Wolt. Despite Lieferando having a monopoly on this service in Germany, Miki Kuusi (CEO) believes such monopolies are never good, and plans to change this. Currently only delivering in Berlin, Wolt’s services will soon be available in Munich and Frankfurt too, as the Finnish entrepreneur embarks upon his expansion plan for Germany. With a presence in 22 markets, more than 250 million euros in the kitty, and influential investors such as the co-founder of Delivery Hero, the start-up will soon be breathing down Lieferando’s neck. It would be very beneficial for a food delivery service to know where there is the highest concentration of full-time professionals who may be tempted to have food delivered to the office to fuel their late-night productivity. Symaps’ census feature can determine exactly that, and much more.

Symaps finds the best locations for businesses looking to expand and open up new retail outlets.

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