Changing Companies and Evolving Enterprises: 7

By Guy Routledge

  1. Imagine an Uber that could fly — it seems ridiculous doesn’t it? However, Lilium wants to be the market leader in air taxis, and has announced its US expansion plans — it will build a network around Orlando, with the site in Lake Nona. As Lake Nona is central, more than 20 million Florida residents will be connected within a radius of 300 kilometres. By car, it would take 4 hours to get to Miami, which is at the edge of this radius; on a Lilium flight, just 1. Gone are the days of saying ‘my Uber will arrive in 10 minutes’ — get used to hearing ‘my Lilium will land in 10 minutes, see you then’. With Symaps, you can identify networks where there is high traffic and footfall to understand where a flying Uber would be a real blessing.
  2. Come rain or shine, one would always imagine the Balearic Islands’ popularity as a tourist destination will never change, and the US hotel group Apple Leisure agrees. That’s why it’s continuing to invest heavily in the area, and plans to take over four hotels in Mallorca and a beach club in Menorca by 2023. It will cooperate with several Spanish hotel chains and by the end of the expansion, it will operate 23 hotels on the islands. When this pandemic is all done and dusted people will be flocking to the islands for some boozy nights in Ibiza, and Apple Leisure will reap the rewards. It wouldn’t take a genius to guess that there is already a huge amount of hotels on this island which is so popular with tourists. It’s therefore vital to identify where there is less competition to be successful, and Symaps’ amenities feature can do exactly that in a few clicks.
  3. Belsimpel, a giant in the mobile world, is taking an unprecedented step and the biggest in its history — it will start selling its products across Europe under a new brand, Gomibo. In the coming months, the Gomibo website will be launched in 15 other countries, including France, Italy and Spain, and the company will invest many millions into the ambitious project. It dominates the Dutch scene, with a market share of almost 50%, and aims to achieve this in the rest of Europe. This is feasible, since the Netherlands’ technology is years ahead of other European countries, and who’s to say the business doesn’t have conquering the entire world some day in its sights? In order to be successful, Belsimpel will need to understand exactly what drove its success in the Netherlands so it can reach the same heights in the future. Symaps can understand a company’s ‘success DNA’ and the key drivers of this success so the business can replicate it in the future.

Symaps finds the best locations for businesses looking to expand and open up new retail outlets.

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