Changing Companies and Evolving Enterprises: 8

By Guy Routledge

  1. There’s no doubt that as countries strive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save the planet, the popularity of electric cars will continue to grow, and Xpeng is one of the many companies out there looking to hop on the eco-friendly bandwagon. Founded in 2015, it has sold over 20,000 cars this year, 87% more than last year, and it now wants to conquer Europe. It’s kicking things off in Norway, where there is a high demand for e-mobility, and aims to target countries with advanced e-car infrastructure and a particular interest in e-mobility in the future. Any company offering environmentally-friendly alternatives is one to watch, and Xpeng is no exception. Using Symaps’ footfall feature, one can determine the areas where there is the highest amount of people on foot during specific time periods and hence where a scooter would come in handy the most.
  2. Countless businesses have had to adhere to stringent hygiene regulations since the pandemic began and M.A.N.D.U, a fitness franchise which offers Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training, has had to do just that — training with a maximum of two members, two-metre distances maintained at all times and a strict booking system, to name a few. This means it has coped well throughout the pandemic and can now expand: 75 new studios are to be opened by the end of 2021 across America. Muscle strength is crucial for people’s vitality and well-being, particularly during a crippling pandemic, and the company’s presence will no doubt continue to grow as a result. To drive your expansion, Symaps can estimate the value of a potential location by considering many aspects such as competition and demographics. This means you can make concrete decisions with confidence.
  3. In a milestone moment for The Valens Company, a global leader in the manufacturing of innovation, cannabinoid-based products, its wholly owned subsidiary, Valens Australia, has been granted a licence to import and export cannabis-derived medical products in Australia. This will provide it with greater access to the Asia-Pacific region, where its client base continues to grow, and strengthen its position as a world leader in this field. It has a range of products it wants to bring to Australia, and having also made its first successful shipment to a partner in Denmark recently as well, exciting times are ahead for the company. Symaps can identify the key drivers of your success in existing networks so you are able to replicate this success in your new ones.

Symaps finds the best locations for businesses looking to expand and open up new retail outlets.

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