Changing Companies and Evolving Enterprises: 9

By Guy Routledge

  1. The need to find renewable and sustainable sources of energy keeps growing year on year, and Enercon and EWE have joined forces with the goal of becoming the market leader for onshore wind energy in Germany. They also have big plans to conquer the French market and expand internationally and, having published a letter of intent in the spring, put pen to paper last week. Both will hold 50% of all shares, and a total of 4 billion euros of investments are planned by 2030. Combining their wide range of resources looks to be a masterstroke, and will allow them to dominate the windy scene for years to come. Wind energy is vitally important, but where is it needed the most? Symaps can identify which areas are the most densely populated and hence consume the most electricity, so your wind turbines can have the greatest effect.
  2. With more than 50 of its own stores in Germany and Austria, More & More has entered a new market — Kuwait. Its first shop is in Kuwait City and will be operated with the local partner Starco International Co, and the company has further store projects in the Middle East. In this way, it will rely on expansion with selected retail partners and franchise stores, and like many companies, the pandemic has not dampened its spirits and distracted it from its goals. In order to optimize your network, Symaps is able to analyse and understand the ‘success DNA’ of your existing networks and determine how best to replicate this in your new one.
  3. In this world nothing can be said to be certain except death, taxes and a Starbucks on every street corner — everywhere you look there seems to be one. There are roughly 33,000 of them, but the company intends to open more than 2,000 a year to reach a total store count of 55,000 by 2030. It will open new types of stores, such as ones with drive-thru, which it hopes will draw more customers in, and aims to target areas where it has a smaller presence. Having suffered during the pandemic, with sales down 9% in the last three months compared to the same period last year, the company will be hoping to bounce back. With countless coffee shops all over the place, Symaps’ amenities feature allows the user to see exactly where they are and to hence identify pockets of space, free from competitors.

Symaps finds the best locations for businesses looking to expand and open up new retail outlets.

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