Changing Companies and Evolving Enterprises in the Physical World: 12

By Guy Routledge

  1. With the increasing focus on renewable sources of energy, those that provide them will be more in demand than ever before, and Hansesun is well aware of this. That’s why Vorarlberg’s largest provider of solar panels has founded companies in Switzerland and Germany together with local, well-established partners, and will do the same in Liechtenstein very soon. It has already installed 1000 systems, enough to supply 3000 single-family homes for a year, and aims to become the market leader within a 50–70 kilometre radius of each branch. A tough ask, but with every conversation about climate change, the company’s position is strengthened. Want to know where there are clusters of homes and where your solar panels would have the greatest impact? Symaps’ census feature allows you to see where people are distributed and where you should target.
  2. Traditional cars are a big culprit when it comes to climate change, and the popularity of their electric counterparts is on the rise. That’s why Compleo, a leading provider of charging solutions for electric vehicles, is continuing to expand throughout Europe, having partnered with KSW, a leading petrol station and industrial plant construction company. The number of electric cars is growing steadily and in order to respond to this, more charging stations are required — that’s where Compleo comes in. Having gone public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in the autumn and more than doubled its annual turnover in 2020 compared to 2019, the future is bright for the Dortmund-based company. Symaps’ people flow feature can show you exactly how many vehicles drive on a given road a day, and hence where a charging station would be just what a hungry car needs.
  3. The automotive market in China is growing rapidly — indeed, there are 25 million new car registrations every year — and TKW Molding, which produces automotive parts, wants in. That’s why, from its new production facility in Taicang, known as the ‘hometown of German companies in China’ and situated just 20 minutes away from Shanghai by subway, it will produce high-quality plastic parts for China and other Asian countries. It’s also simultaneously investing over 3 million euros into the expansion of its HQ, and views the pandemic as a chance to reinvent itself, which it is most certainly doing. To optimise its new distribution network, TKW Molding will need to understand the key factors behind the success of its existing networks and how best to replicate this success, which can be done with Symaps.

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