Data to help Sales Teams in the commercial drink industry better target their Points of Consumption

When it comes to acquiring new points of consumption (POC), one of the many challenges that sales departments in the commercial drink industry face is making the best of their time and only visiting the POCs with the most potential.

Today, let’s focus on the challenges that a company will likely experience when introducing a new fizzy drink specifically for sale in bars and restaurants.

The company would like to run a simultaneous launch campaign in 5 geographies throughout Europe on a specific date: the first day of a European football competition. Their fresh and lite new drink is exactly the kind of beverage that can be enjoyed during a football match. Furthermore, the company has paid a huge ticket to be a sponsor, so it is important that clients have access to it during the event.

The sales team now faces the challenge of targeting and activating bars and restaurants that will be power sellers of the product both during and after the event.

The marketing team has provided a lot of details about the target market. The drink has been designed with the ‘contemporary adult’ in mind: someone between the ages of 21 to 34 and who is a sports aficionado.

To add to the challenge, this new drink is part of a brand new product line and the sales department doesn’t know which of their current POCs perfectly match the specifications for the new drink.

They are facing a double challenge:

  1. activating existing POCs that have the correct target
  2. opening new POCs where they know they will find their new target market if they hope to duplicate existing success

Time is of the essence and blindly hitting the road to visit as many prospective POCs as possible is not an option. The sales department will have to efficiently target their efforts, but how?

Imagine if there were a tool that, if you gave it information regarding your criteria and preferred locations, could find your POCs for you using AI. Sound too good to be true?

Well it’s not! At, we believe that the answer lies within the data. We have been developing a technology that enables sales teams to compute billions of data points to better direct their sales efforts.

Thanks to, the sales department will be able to:

  1. List all potential target clients that meet the criteria
  2. Match the current POCs against the criteria and identify those that are within target so they can be properly activated

Thanks to this, a sales team’s prospection work will be to focus on dynamically data-identified potential successes. They will be able to identify which of their current clients are already appropriate POCs for their new product and which are not.

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