Helping Sales teams home in on relevant POS for the launch of a new product line

When it comes to acquiring new points of sales (POS), one of the many challenges that sales departments in the cosmetic industry face is making the best of their time and only visiting the POS with the most potential.

This article focuses on the challenges that a company will likely experience when introducing a new skincare line to sell specifically in high end beauty salons.

The company would like to run a simultaneous launch campaign in 5 locations throughout Asia. Their innovative, scientifically-proven formula is made to heal and strengthen the skin right after exposure to sunlight — say after summer holidays. You’re not just buying a product, you’re investing in a revolutionary beauty experience. Thus, it makes sense to pair product with service and sell the skin care line in beauty salons.

The marketing team has decided to run a summer-long online campaign introducing the product line, explaining the vision, and teasing the launch for the end of summer.

The sales team is now tasked with locating and enabling the most profitable POS, for both during and after the event.

The marketing team has provided a lot of details about the target market. The products have been designed with the metropolitan adult in mind: someone between the ages of 28 to 39 who appreciates clean, scientifically developed skincare products. This isn’t just someone who dabbles in skincare, it’s someone with the means and the desire to dedicate their earnings to the health of their skin.

Finally, the POS themselves must be high end and in city centres, near specific POI. Their online presence (Google reviews, instagram page etc) must also meet certain criteria to ensure that this new product line is sold in the perfect environment.

To add to the challenge, this new product line is aimed at a consumer group that they haven’t targeted before, meaning that the sales department doesn’t know which of their current POS perfectly match the specifications.

The challenge is therefore twofold:

  1. activating existing POS that serve the target market
  2. opening new POS where they know they will find their new target market if they hope to duplicate existing success

Time is of the essence and blindly hitting the road to visit as many prospective POS as possible is not an option. The sales department will have to efficiently target their efforts, but how?

Imagine if there were a tool that, if you gave it information regarding your target market and preferred locations, could find your POC for you using AI. Sound too good to be true?

Well it’s not! At, we believe that the data never lies. We have been developing a technology that enables sales teams to compute billions of data points to better direct their sales efforts.

Thanks to, the sales department will be able to:

  1. List all potential target clients that meet the criteria including by analysing the social data (GMB reviews analysis etc)
  2. Match the current POC against the criteria and identify those that are within target so they can be properly activated

Thanks to this, a sales team’s prospection work will be to focus on dynamically data-identified potential successes. They will be able to identify which of their current clients are already appropriate POCs for their new product and which are not.

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