Symaps Spatial Data Catalog

Symaps is an AI-powered location platform that helps you find the best locations for your business.

Our team of experienced data scientists gathers, processes, analyzes, and models large volumes of raw multidimensional data (public and private) to distill it into practical, easy-to-use, and visually-appealing map-based insights.

Symaps’s technology has the ability to compile and enrich different types of large datasets for usage in deep geospatial analysis. Adding many sources of geospatial datasets to a smart map makes it possible for you to to analyse a location in depth.

We typically work with 3 different datasets: premium data, public sources and private business datasets.

I. Symaps Premium Spatial Data Streams

People Flow Data (Anonymous footfall from millions of devices)

This data is available in more than +180 countries and usually consist of anonymous headmaps from the data coming from millions of anonymous devices. This highly accurate data consists of anonymous, GDPR-compliant GPS tracks, which are both highly detailed and precise, and maintain anonymity and privacy.

Thanks to this data, we can determine the volume of people who pass through a selected address according to the time of the day, and identify daily and weekly trends. There’s no need to make any uninformed decisions on these crucial metrics.

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top-notch people flow visualization

Symaps Global Places (Insights into 200M places)

This is the location data for business establishments, brands, competitors, restaurants, points of interest, landmarks, schools, attractions, and more…

Symaps Places insights deliver powerful business analytics that explain how consumers connect with places in the real-world. continuously updates (every 60 seconds) and validates Global Places data to capture real-world changes and give the best insights possible.

Symaps Demographic Data (Worldwide) :

Even where there is no census. integrates spatial statistical methods, exploiting the power of machine learning, to transform and disaggregate population counts at administrative unit levels to 100x100m grid square level, exploiting relationships with spatial covariate layers from satellites and other sources. We enhance this data further this data by adding age-Gender pyramid distribution (5 years gaps).

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Understsand the footfall around your stores

II. Public sources

Census data :

Symaps integrates the most recent census data including information about people such as age, gender, income, household types, and more.

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Digital boundaries for data aggregation and display on a map.

III. Private business data

Customer transaction data & loyalty card data:

We enable our users to enrich Symaps’ service with their own data. They broaden our analysis with historical transaction data & loyalty card data

Our platform is built for emerging and established brands & retailers looking to scale their business or optimize their existing locations. With a strong focus on retail, FMCG, and real estate, Symaps combines the power of Machine Learning with AI and acts as the backbone for companies for whom location counts when it comes to making key strategic decisions.

Want to have access to our technology? Feel free to reach out here!

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